In 1911 the Fertilizer Company started its operation with the units of sulfuric acid, superphosphate calcium, iron sulfide and acids.

The operation of those units was possible because of a steam engine of 600 horses. Very soon, the power needs of the Company were increased. A building of rectangular layout of 786 square meters built from stone and concrete and with 11 meters height housed the Central Power Station.

That building was one of the few buildings that were considered conservable with their equipment and were not torn down. Among their equipment there was a diesel machine type Μ.Α.Ν. of 600Hp power manufactured in 1927, its control panel made of marble, some more modern diesel machines and the gantry that existed. Today, the degeneration caused by time and abandonment is visible in its surface, while the biggest part of the equipment has been ransacked.

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  • Eleni Kyramargiou, Historian, Associate Researcher at the Institute of Historical Research, National Hellenic Research Foundation
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  • Urban Environment Laboratory Archive, School of Architecture, NTUA and National Bank of Greece Historical Archive.

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